New York Brat. Bangkok Buddhist.

Born in the United States to Thai parents, I am first generation Thai-American.  Raised with buddhist values, my life has been full of constant contradiction as I lived the fast paced, excessively extravagant, sometimes glamorous, Manhattan lifestyle.

I am a world traveler, passion seeker, day dreamer, reckless romantic,  fashion lover, gourmet foodie, Myers-Briggs ENFJ, and Mensa society member.

Managing this website is my new found creative outlet.  A place where I can be authentically me. I hope to share with you my ever evolving life and personal transformation in Bangkok told with a New York attitude.

Professionally, I spend my time as a digital maven, marketing strategist, and innovator.  I’ve climbed the corporate ladder to reach senior management at several iconic Fortune 500 companies and also flirted with entrepreneurship owning a small consulting firm.

If you are looking to build your own online brand, I provide services to establish your online presence as well as career consulting for landing your next job opportunity or creating your professional brand.

Connect with me. I would love to hear from you.

Ann Suwanjindar

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