Practicing Buddhism in Everyday Life

Buddhism is more a philosophy, a way of life, than religion for me. Buddhism goes beyond the religion practiced by the 300 million Buddhists around the world.

Let me share three Buddhist concepts that impact my daily lifestyle:

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Goodbye NYC. Hello, Bangkok. Life Lessons I Learned.


Life is a drug and New York City was my fix.  NYC pushed me and drove me to get ahead in life, but it wasn’t until I moved across the globe to Bangkok that I finally started growing up in life.  Three years ago, I left behind all my material possessions and external barometers of success that I had let define my sense of self and I and flew back to Bangkok.

I want to share the poignant life lessons I have learned from living the face-paced, competitive, extravagant life of a New Yorker to a more centered, balanced, Thai life in Bangkok.  Here are some highlights of my New York Brat, Bangkok Buddhist transformation.

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